Corporate Responsibilities



Responsibility is core to our culture.  It defines our culture, how we work, how we behave and how we interact with our clients, our partners and our communities.

We understand that our reputation depends on our honouring our commitments – integrity, doing what is right for the short, medium and long-terms and always treating others with dignity and respect.

Our long-term outlook enables us to invest in relationships and defines how we manage our physical assets.  We expect all the assets in which we are invested to conform to the highest international safety standards, wherever they are based, and to act with consideration to local stakeholders and local regulations.

We are proud of our partnerships and we continue to build more to enhance our oddity to winning and repositioning our increasing portfolios for current and future investment opportunities.  We work collaboratively with our partners and stakeholders to try and find the best long-term solutions, which we deliver efficiently and safely.

At MMG Energy, we have far and deep reaching arms to support our generation and the future generations.

Our foundation MEAT “…the widows might” is in the business of increasing the standard of lives and making visions plain.

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