Our People

…increasing the standard of lives and making visions plain


Our people are our business: the company’s value derives undoubtedly from them.  It is on their expertise, innovation, drive and relationships that we depend for the development and growth of our business.  Talent is precious to us and we create an environment in which individuals can reach their full potential, unfettered by chain-of-command.

MMG Energy has a matrix and meritocratic organisational structure, which we appreciate, encourages an entrepreneurial and collaborative workflow, with everyone primarily focused on delivering results, and delivering them efficiently and safely.

Our business is global and our people and partnership as diverse as the world in which we work.   Our collaborative approach to work has endeared us to building a strong relationship with our clients and partners. This is borne of our intrinsic leaning to challenge routine thinking to produce pioneering solutions that increase values to stakeholders and the business.

At MMG Energy, our innate energy to innovation has attracted pioneering developments and our Start-up CollegeTM has become a super-magnet to some of the best innovators including individuals and groups with brilliant entrepreneurial skills. You can become part of us – call us today and speak to a Senior Consultant