Product Enhancement Services


Product Enhancement Services

MMG Energy Production Enhancement team uses field proven reserve and reservoir drive mechanism with integrated field production history to engineer bespoke solution to improve production and field life-cycle. We appreciate that basin models vary and formation characterisation is discrete in many regions. High draw-down rate in certain quarters has intrinsic tendencies of causing sanding and water or gas conning which in turn impacts intervention cycle and the field life.

While additional number of wells, both producing and water-injection wells may become necessary in certain scenarios to increase production to take advantage of a favourable market condition, MMG Energy PE team recognised quickly that, increased production can also be achieved through best practices in design, completion and intervention. The latter does not often produce desired outcome or objective due to uncertainties from formation and reservoir state prognosis, production history incongruity, operation execution methodologies and practices.

We pay closer attention to best practice deployment of fit-for-purpose engineered solution in chemical injection, stimulation and recompletion and any impact that could result from top-side facilities. MMG Energy considers well life-cycle and manages engineering solution to fit well specificity for best performance and value to clients.

Our additional expertises include:

  • Complete pertinent study and model of asset production history to recommend fit-for-purpose solution for production enhancement
  • Specification of Chemical injection for scale dissolution around the perforation, along the production tubing, completion valves and the tubing hanger regions
  • Design and construction of injector wells for pressure maintenance
  • Redesign of wellbore flow-area to eliminate unwanted fluid and enhance free product flow
  • Well re-entry for stimulation services through the use of ESP or gas lift completion methodologies