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Well Engineering and Project Management


Well Engineering and Project Management

MMG Energy bespoke Well Engineering solutions, design life-cycle and development strategy can enhance your project Engineering and Safety Top Line (ESTL) and optimise Business Bottom Line (BBL). The cost savings, safety and business case and integrated well design strategy can be significant to change the status of your asset development and portfolio investment.

MMG Energy Well Engineering and Design (WED) team provides front-end and detailed engineering well design, design reviews, risk assessment and advise on the development of cost-effective wells, oversee and prepare field development plan, project scoping, time and cost evaluation, well commerciality protocol and project management.

We support you in making timely decision on key project objectives, choosing services, data acquisition, data processing and interpretation, expectation management and critical change management scenarios during well construction.

At MMG Energy, we pride ourselves in our resources management and the value chain we bring to your business. Our WED team assesses performance improvement plan (PIP) and seek out opportunities to bring additional values to your business with primacy in People, Environment, Asset, Risk and Safety (PEARS) strategies. We seek to achieve and exceed your Key Performance Indicators (KPI), prioritise benchmark proposals and operations best practices to drive effective planning and performance.

MMG Energy Wells Team Offering

  • Well Engineering through planning to construction
  • Management of WED process
  • Well completions and testing design
  • Long lead items procurement and logistics support
  • Site survey
  • HSE Permitting and Management – International and Local regulations; Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (OPEP) Oil Pollution and Prevention Control (OPPC), Emergency Response Plan (ERP), Petroleum Operation Notifications (PONs)
  • Well services, procurement and logistics
  • Operations team – on / offshore
  • “Well for now” (W4N) – a short term development well planning package.
  • Subsurface support
  • Well performance – detailed analysis, optimisation and operations management
  • Well Planning and Operations Optimisation – Plan, Design, Execute, Assess & Learn (PDEAL) Process
  • Full suite of well engineering software for well design, operations reporting, project management and cost tracking
  • Conceptual and detailed engineering design of novel projects including CRI and specialist studies
  • Associated and non-associated gas and CO2 storage designs
  • Support clients to build capacity and development of robust Management Systems

Our key capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Exploration, Appraisal and Development Wells
  • Services Selection and Advise on MSA Agreement
  • High Angle and ERD Wells
  • Permit Application and Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Relief Well Planning, Depleted and HPHT Well Planning Solutions
  • Specialist Well Design and Construction Studies – Mud, Cement in both Conventional and Unconventional Wells
  • Evaluation and Application of New Technologies – MPD
  • Bit Selection Optimisation for ROPs
  • Well Design Reviews to International Standards and Risk Assessment
  • Rig Evaluation and Selection
  • Time and Cost Estimate and Analysis
  • Long Lead Item Overview and Selection
  • OCTG Selection for Sweet and Sour Services & Operation
  • Rig Placement – Open Water and Near Assets
  • Completions Design & Material Selection
  • Well Re-entry Services and Work-over
  • Production Enhancement Methodologies chemicals
  • Logistics Planning and Scheduling
  • Specification of scale squeeze and injection chemicals

Well Construction Operations Support and Project Management

MMG Energy offers integrated well operations support and project management services. Our client’s needs take primacy and are considered on case-by-case basis to meet their individual requirement. This is how we solve unique problem using unique and well targeted solution.

At MMG Energy, our approach to well engineering and operation support is premised on well full life-cycle delivery ranging from well planning and design, well construction, well testing and operations management, production, well retrofitting, re-entry or work-over and production/asset management.

MMG Energy also brings additional values in Specialist study in well Computational Flow Dynamics Modelling and Coring Services